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The Kirschner Law Office is the premier criminal defense and civil litigation law firm in Eastern North Dakota. Kirschner Law has been representing clients since 1984 in State and Federal courts in North Dakota and Minnesota.
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Criminal Defense


When you are charged with a crime, whether a felony or a misdemeanor, you are facing the combined forces of the State and or Federal Government. You will need an attorney who is experienced and effective to represent you and to help you obtain the best possible outcome under your specific circumstances. Our office can assist you with this process.
We have nearly 40 years of experience working for citizens who stand accused, and we will use every possible resource to help you withstand this storm. You don't have to stand alone. We will protect you. Learn More


Many people desire to come to the United States to live, work, and raise their families. While many places in the world suffer from violence and threats of violence, as well as economic difficulties, the citizens of the United States have enjoyed unparalleled peace and prosperity. Citizens and Permanent residents of the United States can apply to bring their relatives to this country, and spouses and children of American citizens are treated differently. The immigration process is complicated and requires filing the correct documents and following through with specific instructions prior to obtaining any change of status, and you should obtain the assistance of an experienced immigration attorney. Our office can help you with this process. Learn More
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Business Organization

There are many risks and difficulties that you can encounter when starting a new business. What form of business organization should you use, what is your tax liability, and what rules and requirements are essential should you decide to enter into a business partnership? How can you protect personal assets from being lost or forfeited?
These are some basic questions that you will need answered if you are seeking to start a business. It is important that you make the right decisions and use the business structure that will be most helpful and protective of your interests. We can help you do that! Learn More